About Us

Saint Gaul Stud has been breeding stud Wiltshire Horn sheep for 16 years and are now based in Sutton NSW. We run our stud sheep in a commercial environment to allow selection of genetics tailored to producing prime lambs without excessive inputs.  Selection of stud quality animals predominately occurs in the first year with the rate of growth, muscling, leanness and structural soundness being key. Older ewes are retained to ensure that ewes with long productive life (6+ years) form a higher proportion of our flock than untested younger ewes.

All sheep are given 5 in 1 vaccinations as well as the Gudair® vaccine as a precaution against ovine Johnes Disease, although OJD has not been detected in our flock. Ovine Brucellosis is prevented by only running one ram at a time with the ewes and ensuring at least a month between removing and reintroducing rams to the ewes. Breeding rams are not run with other rams. A monitoring plan for OJD and Brucellosis will commence shortly for improved recognition of the health status of our sheep.

A few alpacas are run with ewes to reduce fox predation as one might notice from the pictures. We don’t breed them, but we can refer you to breeders should you be curious. You may also notice that our sheep are not tail docked, this is part of our easy-care philosophy and given that they are shedding sheep, we have never had a problem.

Wiltshire horn ewes and lambs

Some of our weaners at around 4-5months old.

Some of the weaners in the foreground with ewes in the background.