Welcome to Saint Gaul Wiltshire Horn Sheep Stud

Situated in Sutton, close to Canberra, we raise stud Wiltshire Horn sheep in traditional merino country with a focus on prime lamb production traits.

Wiltshire Horn sheep are tough, require little maintenance and highly productive. Known as a cleanskin or shedding breed, they drop their valueless wool annually in spring. The loss in wool revenue is compensated for as no shearing, mulesing or crutching (and associated infrastructure) is required and flystrike problems are all but eliminated. Hence the energy of the sheep and genetic selection is moved away from wool towards meat production.

Please see our ‘Breed Information’ page for more information on Wiltshire Horns and the ‘About Us’ page for details of our stud. For sales, see rams and ewes.

Wiltshire horn ewes and lambs